Who We Are

EEB Consulting & Associates Inc in a world of standard AMCs focused solely on appraisal volume. We manage the entire appraisal process for our customers from the initial request to acceptance by Underwriters. Real estate values and appraisal rates are constantly changing and evolving. This requires an AMC with the ability to pivot and chart a different course upon the receipt of valid and meaningful data.

At EEB Consulting & Associates Inc, we listen to our customers and give full consideration to their thoughts and concerns.  Much like the process of tailoring a custom suit, the proper look and fit require input from the individual who will be wearing it. EEB Consulting & Associates Inc is a boutique AMC built upon your customized process of appraisal management and listening to you is what we do best.

Regardless of which 'appraisal process road' you select...
The Preliminary Process

We work from YOUR list of appraisers which provides familiarity and removes compliance fears due to the ever changing rules and regulations now associated with this industry.

The two most accepted options for compliance:

Borrower's Expense

Order appraisals through an Appraisal
Management Company.

Lender's Expense

Create and implement an in-house appraisal
management & review department.

...EEB Consulting & Associates Inc is your guide and compass to the advanced, accurate and accountable destination.
The Need and The Benefit for an 'AMC'
Management of the appraiser list
Physical ordering of appraisals
Communication liaison with lender and borrower
Provide quality review of the submitted appraisal

‘AMC’s’ were born out of the mandated change in federal laws and standards with now define policy such as the separation of the appraisal ordering from loan production personnel. The essence of these new laws and standards is to, quite simply, ‘raise the bar’ of the integrity for each and every appraisal.

A complete list of all laws and standards are made available to every EEB Consulting & Associates Inc client and are linked on this website for public review.

At EEB Consulting & Associates Inc, we advocate a no nonsense approach and find ‘talk to be extremely cheap’. We are your AMC solution because we understand that there is a human element present in every appraisal that we engage. It is for this reason that we remove all variables and close all open links throughout our appraisal process. We recognize that discerning accurate facts and figures are necessary but no more than assisting our clients with dream fulfillment.